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Featured Foreclosures

  • 1/1 1,000 sqft

    Last Sale: $88,900

    Auction: $127,800

  • 5/2 2,095 sqft

    Last Sale: $605,000

    Auction: $222,300

  • 4/2 1,875 sqft

    Last Sale: $207,340

    Auction: $472,700

  • 1/1 987 sqft

    Last Sale: $265,000

    Auction: $407,400

Recent Miami Dade County Tax Deed Sale Results: Canceled Tax Deed Sales
Auction Auction Property Address bds ba Type BD/BTH Sq. Feet Winning Bid Type
06/20/2440 Sw 13 St S1003mz91, Miami, Fl 33130 Commercial0/016$4,900
06/20/2440 Sw 13 St S1001mz17, Miami, Fl 33130 Commercial0/016$1,800
06/20/2440 Sw 13 St S100130, Miami, Fl 33130 Commercial0/016$1,380
06/20/2440 Sw 13 St S100125, Miami, Fl 33130 Commercial0/016$1,380
06/20/2440 Sw 13 St S100121, Miami, Fl 33130 Commercial0/016$1,380
06/20/2440 Sw 13 St S100116, Miami, Fl 33130 Commercial0/016$1,387
06/20/2440 Sw 13 St S5012, Miami, Fl 33130 Commercial0/016$1,500
06/20/2440 Sw 13 St S80114, Miami, Fl 33130 Commercial0/028$1,616
06/20/2440 Sw 13 St S1005mz207, Miami, Fl 33130 Commercial0/020$2,000
06/20/2440 Sw 13 St S1003mz160, Miami, Fl 33130 Commercial0/020$1,900
06/20/2440 Sw 13 St S1002mz58, Miami, Fl 33130 Commercial0/016$2,100
06/20/2440 Sw 13 St S1001mz3, Miami, Fl 33130 Commercial0/016$2,600
06/20/2440 Sw 13 St S1002mz54, Miami, Fl 33130 Commercial0/016$3,500
06/20/2440 Sw 13 St S1001mz9, Miami, Fl 33130 Commercial0/028$4,800
06/06/24Land140382, Cutler Bay, Fl 33189 Land0/00$2,700
06/06/2440 Sw 13 St S1002mz66, Miami, Fl 33130 Commercial0/016$2,100
06/06/2440 Sw 13 St S1001mz20, Miami, Fl 33130 Commercial0/016$1,793
06/06/2440 Sw 13 St S1001mz13, Miami, Fl 33130 Commercial0/020$1,871
06/06/2440 Sw 13 St S1003mz100, Miami, Fl 33130 Commercial0/016$1,400
06/06/2440 Sw 13 St S1003mz89, Miami, Fl 33130 Commercial0/016$1,400
06/06/2440 Sw 13 St S1003mz86, Miami, Fl 33130 Commercial0/016$1,400
06/06/2440 Sw 13 St S1003mz83, Miami, Fl 33130 Commercial0/016$1,400
06/06/2440 Sw 13 St S1001mz4, Miami, Fl 33130 Commercial0/016$1,800
06/06/2440 Sw 13 St S8014, Miami, Fl 33130 Commercial0/016$1,800
06/06/2440 Sw 13 St S50134, Miami, Fl 33130 Commercial0/016$1,800
Miami Miami Dade County Tax Deed Sales & Foreclosure Listings are specialists when it comes to providing you with information about the latest Miami Miami Dade County Tax Deed Sales and foreclosure listings.

Miami Miami Dade County has an interesting story behind its name. In 1878 Providencia, a Spanish ship enroute from Havana to Cadiz in Spain, ran aground near the Lake Worth coast in SE Florida. She was carrying a cargo of coconuts. The coconuts were salvaged and planted along the nearby coastline. The resulting grove of coconut palms gave this section of Lake Worth its new name Miami Miami Dade. Coconut palms are not native to the US.

Buy Your Home In Miami Miami Dade County Through Tax Deed Sales

Officially, Miami Miami Dade County is part of the Miami metropolitan area. However, the western parts are also considered part of Florida’s rural heartland. The county covers 2,383 square miles on Florida’s east coast and is located just north of Miami. It includes 413 square miles of water and beaches, most of which is Lake Okeechobee and the Atlantic Ocean. There are also many historic centers, parks and recreational areas, national parks, and wildlife reserves.

According to 2019 census figures, Miami Miami Dade County is home to just under 1.5 million people. It is one of the most populous counties in the country for many reasons. The mild winters, miles of coastline, and lush green landscapes make it a popular destination for families. There is also a range of lifestyle and business choices available here courtesy of the county’s diverse economy.

Why not consider buying a business here, or your next home. There are some great deals to be found through tax collector auctions.

Take Advantage Of A Tax Collector Auction For Your Next Home In Miami Miami Dade County

Miami Miami Dade County offers something for everyone. Urbanites, beach goers, and golf lovers will love eastern Miami Miami Dade with all its amenities, beaches and golf courses. This area is very urbanized with a huge range of housing types and price options available.

If suburban or rural living is more your style, central and western Miami Miami Dade county could be just what you’re looking for. Much of this area is highly productive and intensive agricultural and farming land. Agriculture is Miami Miami Dade County’s second biggest industry. It makes a significant contribution to the county’s position as the wealthiest county in Florida per capita income. This area is also considered the ‘winter vegetable capital’ of America.

Miami Miami Dade County Tax Deed Sales – It Makes Good Sense To Buy Here

As well as growing great vegetables and farm produce, Miami Miami Dade County is home to a diverse range of businesses. The aviation industry is well represented here with a number of companies having facilities in the north of the county. Real estate development is booming, and the county’s large education system is one of the best in the country. The Jupiter Medical Center provides a range of health services across the county. There are libraries, museums, art centers, theatres, zoos, sporting events, festivals and much more to keep locals and tourists entertained.

Pick Up A Bargain Miami Miami Dade County Property At A Tax Deed Auction

Miami Miami Dade County has approximately 686,200 housing units with a median price between $258,700 and $282,450. Some homes are selling for less than this though through Miami Miami Dade County tax deed sales. A tax auction is a great way to pick up a lovely affordable family home or an investment property.

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